Middle East

Mubarak in hospital: Voices from Cairo

Small groups of supporters and protesters have gathered outside the Maadi military hospital in Cairo after Egypt's former president Hosni Mubarak was moved there for treatment.

However, elsewhere in Cairo the reaction to the news that the 84-year-old leader is critically ill has been more muted. Earlier this month Mubarak was given a life sentence for complicity in the murder of unarmed protesters. The BBC's Yolande Knell and Mai Shams el-Din spoke to shoppers in the Egyptian capital.

Ihab Hamdy

It's all rumours concerning the news of Mubarak's [possible] death to divert the attention of the people's demand for the new president to be given full powers. No matter what happens to Mubarak... he is taken care of, while those injured after the revolution are not being taken care of.

The people feel no sympathy for Mubarak because they are still revolting against him and his old regime. They wanted him to be executed not just to get a life sentence. Whether he dies or not, people will be indifferent.

Ashraf Abdel Kader

I heard that Mubarak is in a bad condition. That is to be expected considering that he is an old man. Add to that the bad psychological condition he is suffering since he was taken to prison.

It's possible that there will be some basic sympathy towards him because we did not except that he would die in this state. But at the same time there are kinds of contradictory feelings towards him. Our sympathy decreases when we remember what he did to us during his 30 years in power. I don't think he should receive a big military funeral.

Mona El-Gazzar

We heard that Mubarak is in the hospital, but God knows. I think he left for somewhere outside the country. People now are not worried about his health, they are worried about the problems we are facing. You can never tell what will happen next. It's a very difficult time. I'm so worried about everything that's happening right now.

If Mubarak does die you can't tell what that will mean. However, I do think that the army will give him a good burial.


Some say this news is just a rumour and others confirm it. I saw him go into the hospital on TV, but who knows? I feel really sorry for him, but at the same time I believe he deserves this ending because of the bad things he did to the country.

Many people in Egypt will be sad about this but many others will be happy if Mubarak dies. He was the reason why all those young men were killed during the revolution. He controlled everything and nothing could happen without his orders and commands.

I have to say, I'm very sceptical about the timing of this news. Mubarak has been sick for a long time. Why are we told he is finally dying now?

Mohammed Ahmed Khairy

Everyone is going to die because no-one is eternal. We pray that God will have mercy on him and will forgive him for what he did to this country. At these times, people are supposed to remember the good things that a person did but in fact everyone is tense because we are still in the middle of the revolution.

When things are more stable perhaps Egyptians will feel comfortable enough to evaluate his performance fairly. If Mubarak dies now, people will be divided. Some will be happy and some will be sad.


I think the news is true, not just a rumour. You can't hide facts like this. He was transferred to the army's hospital in the intensive care for real. If he dies, he will be comfortable, and so will the people. He has done good and bad deeds and he has already received his punishment for the bad things he did.

I pray that God grants him health and safety. The only thing to do now is to pray for him. We only hope that a better president will come to rule this country.

Ahmed Mohammed Hassan

He got his punishment and his death is natural at such an age.

In Egypt, people are emotional and will understand what is the appropriate response.

I think he should get a full state military funeral, although some people may not like it. We should bury him properly to honour him.