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Media sceptical of Syria peace plan

Smoke rises from the Al Qusoor district of Homs
Image caption Smoke rising from the Al Qusoor district of Homs

The continuation of violence in Syria despite Tuesday's UN-backed ceasefire deadline is greeted with little surprise by the Middle East press, with many predicting an escalation of hostilities.

Meanwhile, a Syrian state newspaper argues that the peace plan initiated by special envoy Kofi Annan has been sabotaged by Washington as part of a conspiracy against the regime of President Bashar al-Assad.

In Turkey, commentators pre-occupied by Monday's cross-border violence foresee a "new phase" in Ankara's role in the conflict.

Russia's and China's state-controlled dailies urge the international community to exercise patience in its response to the latest developments, with the Russian paper Rossiyskaya Gazeta suggesting that Mr Annan was "rushed" by the West into declaring the 10 April deadline.

Ali Qasim in Syria's Al-Thawrah

The exaggeration, the falsification and the misinterpretation of many of the parts of the international envoy's words have been the first steps of an intensive campaign targeting his mission after Washington issued an order of operations to abort it.

Jasir Abd-al-Aziz al-Jasir in Saudi Al-Jazirah

We have said, and many others asserted, that Bashar al-Assad's regime will not be honest in implementing UN-Arab envoy Kofi Annan's plan... The laying down of new hampering conditions by Bashar al-Assad's regime for the implementation of Annan's plan… reveals that Bashar al-Assad's regime has not yet got rid of its evasive ways and its dishonesty in implementing the will of the international community.

Mazin Hammad in Qatar's Al-Watan

It appears from the reactions of the regime that it is after one thing; namely the surrender of the opposition. It does not also prefer reaching a truce as a prelude to sitting at the negotiations table… Hence, we find out the Syrian crisis is witnessing a qualitative move, not towards a solution but towards escalation.

Abd al-Rahman al-Rashid in Iraq's Al-Sharq al-Awsat

The official killing now under way, at the scale we are witnessing, cannot be meant only to do away with the Syrian revolutionaries, or gunmen, as they are defined by the regime. It has a far more important objective - namely, to re-instil terror in the heart of the general public, for it is through terror that the Syrian republic of fear is run.

Sadegh Zibakalam in Iran's reformist Sharq

Many observers were curiously waiting for Tuesday 10 April in order to see the establishment of the ceasefire in Syria... But on Sunday at midday, the Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs officially announced that the Tuesday ceasefire will not take place... In other words, the Syrian government requested the opposition to officially surrender before the army leaves the cities... it is necessary to wait and see whether Damascus will follow its commitments or not.

Ali Hamadah in Lebanon's Al-Nahar

In all cases, the day will pass and the killing will continue in spite of the Free Syrian Army's announcement of its commitment to cease fire in compliance with Annan's demand. Bashar will resort to new excuses just like he did two days ago and Russia - the partner - will provide cover for such excuses for the slaughter of Syrians and the killing of their children.

Murat Yetkin in Turkey's centre-left Radikal

If Russia stops the full support it is giving the Syrian regime, China will follow suit. Prime Minister Erdogan talks about these issues as well during his visit to China. With the incidents of yesterday, Turkey entering a new phase regarding Syria has become a strong possibility.

Ibrahim Karagul in Turkey's liberal, pro-Islamic Yeni Safak

The Annan plan, which was supported by Russia and China, is the last chance for Syria. Both countries showed the Annan plan to the Assad administration as a solution. If this initiative does not bring any outcome, we can estimate what will happen in this region... The probability of an 'intervention' in Syria will openly be discussed. The pressure, particularly on Russia, will increase.

Vladislav Vorobyev in Russian state-owned Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Any expert dealing with the Syrian problem knows that before a cease-fire comes into effect, international observers need to be deployed along the line of confrontation who can impartially record not only the ceasefire itself, but also breaches of the agreement by both sides... But the West hurried Annan, and he was forced to announce: on 10 April, the Syrian authorities must withdraw their troops and heavy equipment from the cities that have rebelled.

Cai Jiahe in China's state-run China Daily (English-language version)

Though the Western media say the peace plan is 'doomed' to fail, the international community should be patient and help the related sides carry out the peace plan, rather than wait for, and celebrate, such a 'failure'.

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