Iran parliamentary election: Voters' views

media captionVoters in Iran, who do not want to be identified, talk about who they are backing

Iran will hold a parliamentary election on Friday - the first poll since mass opposition protests were sparked by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's disputed presidential election victory in 2009. Pro-reform politicians and groups have called for a boycott.

The BBC has been asking voters in the capital, Tehran, whether they plan to take part.

Anahita Hazrati, 24, administrative manager at a private company

I will definitely participate in these elections. I'll try to choose someone who, in the very least, has similar views as me, and that I can agree with to an extent. If I can't find the best person, then at least there will be someone who can meet some of my needs.

The biggest problem I have in life is to find stability. This stability can be found in many ways - it could be from my career or it could be through my personal life. I've found many of these already, but I'm trying to find other means, including marriage. Those hopes and dreams that I have, I need to somehow reach them, if i can.

I will participate so that we will have the right representatives in parliament who can work for the city.

I will take part, 100%. In my opinion, it's much better than not taking part, because we can get the people we like into the parliament. The decisions they make have an effect on our lives.

[If I don't vote] maybe there could be people going into parliament who are not right for society or decide things that work against society. My biggest concerns in life are peace for my family, a life that is comfortable for me and my family.

I haven't decided yet about the elections because I'm not familiar with all the candidates.

But if I do become familiar I will definitely participate because I would like people whose thoughts are in line with, or close to, my own. They would be much better at working towards my future and my work.

My biggest concern is that I can graduate and become a university professor. I'd like those individuals who enter parliament to enable me to continue my studies

Up to this point, I've decided not to take part in elections. I'm not familiar with the candidates in the elections, I don't know about them. From those that I have seen and whose pledges I know about, they don't match my views and their plans don't suit me.

If I can find someone whose views do match mine, then I will vote. My biggest concerns in life are a good job and my finances.

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