Kuwait MPs in punch-up over Guantanamo inmates

image captionSecurity guards try to break up a fight between Kuwaiti MPs in the country's parliament

A fistfight has broken out between Shia and Sunni Muslim MPs in the Kuwaiti parliament during a session about the fate of Guantanamo detainees.

MPs were discussing four Kuwaitis held in the US prison camp in Cuba when Shia member Hussein al-Kallaf dismissed the inmates as "al-Qaeda" militants.

Muslim Brotherhood MP Jamaan al-Harish argued with him, and a fight broke out.

Two Shia and four Sunni lawmakers are reported to have been involved. The debate was adjourned.

According to AFP news agency, the session was being watched by US lawyers representing the Guantanamo inmates.

Last year, Wikileaks released US embassy cables that quoted Kuwait's interior minister as telling the American ambassador in 2009 that he did not want to see the detainees returned to Kuwait.

In response, the Gulf country's foreign minister rejected the idea, saying Kuwait would never "forget about its sons... detained in Guantanamo without trial".

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