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Egyptian army statement vowing not to use force

Egyptian soldier
Image caption The role played by the army is pivotal in this crisis, say analysts

In a move likely to embolden protesters demanding the overthrow of President Hosni Mubarak, the Egyptian army has vowed not to use force against the people.

Here is the full translated text of the statement relayed by an army spokesman on 31 January 2011:

Your Armed Forces acknowledges the legitimacy of the people's demands and is adamant on carrying out its responsibilities in protecting the country and its citizens as ever.

We stress the following:

1. Peaceful freedom of expression is guaranteed for everyone.

2. [No-one] shall carry out an action that could endanger the country's safety and security or vandalise public and private property.

3. It is not acceptable that some outlaws have terrorised citizens. The Armed Forces will not allow it. It will not allow the safety and security of the country to be tampered with.

4. [To citizens] Keep safe the assets and capabilities of your great people. Resist any vandalism against public or private property.

5. The Armed Forces is aware of the legitimate demands of the honourable citizens.

6. The Armed Forces' presence on the Egyptian streets is for your own sake, safety and security. Your Armed Forces have not and will not resort to the use of force against this great people.