Egypt protests: Flashpoints map

Egypt flashpoints

Main flashpoints

City Population Unrest

Population data from World Gazetteer, Institut f√ľr Ern√§hrungswissenschaft



  • Anti-government protesters take over the centre of the capital city as police withdraw following violent clashes in recent days
  • Doctor says 50 killed in 24-hour period
  • Tahrir Square is the main focal point for demonstrators, who are shouting anti-Mubarak slogans
  • Heavy military presence but troops make no attempt to break up protests, and some appear to signal their support for the protesters
  • Armed citizens' groups formed to counter widespread looting, set up checkpoints
  • Widespread flouting of curfew between hours 1600 to 0800 (1400 to 0600 GMT)



  • Twenty people reported to have died in clashes on Friday
  • Significant military presence in the port city
  • Curfew from 1600 to 0800 (1400 to 0600 GMT)



  • Protesters gather outside the al-Qaed Ibrahim mosque, where the funeral of two protesters who were killed on Saturday took place
  • Heavy military presence and tense atmosphere between troops and protesters
  • Widespread looting, vigilante groups set up
  • Curfew from 1600 to 0800 (1400 to 0600 GMT)



  • British Foreign Office advise against travel to Luxor and other major cities and tourist attractions



  • Protests reported on Friday
  • Security officials said protesters ransacked the headquarters of the ruling NDP



  • Protests have continued since Thursday, with reports of thousands of people fighting running battles with police



  • Protesters attack state security headquarters
  • Three policemen reported killed in the violence

Manufiya province


  • Prison inmates riot

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