Egypt unrest: Alert as mass protests loom


Egyptian blogger and activist Gigi Ibrahim explains to the BBC World Service what she sees as the main demands of the protesters coming out onto the streets or many of the country's cities.

"The Tunisian uprising has given much hope to many Egyptians that if they do take to the streets something will change this time," Gigi Ibrahim says.

Ms Ibrahim, who has been involved in the recent protests in Cairo, told the BBC that people had realised that the government would never enter into a dialogue.

"That has not happened in years and it will not happen," Ms Ibrahim said. "People are fed up."

Egyptian security forces have been on high alert, with thousands of people expected to join-anti-government rallies after Friday prayers.

Opposition figure and Nobel Laureate Mohamed ElBaradei has promised to join the demonstrators.

Ms Ibrahim told the BBC that Mr ElBaradei had so far kept a distance from protesters: "I have no idea what his agenda is. Until now he hasn't been in touch with the street."

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