Kuwaiti soldier killed in clash with Iraqi fishermen


A Kuwaiti coast guard has been killed in a shootout with Iraqi fishermen, officials from the two countries said.

The Iraqi boat was destroyed in the clash, which left three fishermen wounded and four missing, Iraqi sources said. Two fishermen were arrested.

Kuwait's interior ministry said the boat entered Kuwaiti waters and refused orders to stop. Iraqi officials said the clash took place in Iraqi waters.

Kuwait's coast guard often detains Iraqi fishermen who enter its waters.

In October, it arrested 13 Iraqi fishermen.

Walid al-Sharifi, an Iraqi governor, condemned the latest incident, which took place on Monday, as a "serious violation" by the Kuwaiti coast guard.

Speaking to the Dubai-based al-Sharqiyah television channel, he said the sinking took place in Iraqi territorial water and expressed concern for the arrested fishermen.

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