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MPs file 'no co-operation' motion against Kuwait PM

image captionSheikh Nasser faced questioning over his response to protests last month
Opposition MPs in Kuwait have filed a motion of "no co-operation" against the prime minister, in a bid to force him from office.
The motion against Prime Minister Sheik Nasser Al Mohammed Al Sabah will be voted on 5 January, the speaker said.
The move comes after a meeting where opposition lawmakers questioned his response to a recent public rally.
At least five people were injured when security forces used batons against MPs and their supporters on 8 December.
The government said the public gathering was not authorised.

'Eight hour questioning'

Opposition lawmakers need a majority of the 50-seat parliament to pass the motion against Sheikh Nasser, who is a member of Kuwait's royal family.
If passed, the matter would then be referred to the emir of the oil-rich Gulf state, who would decide whether to sack the prime minister or dissolve the parliament and call for new elections.
Earlier on Tuesday, MPs spent eight hours questioning Sheikh Nasser about the recent protests, claiming that he breached the constitution and supressed freedoms.
Sheikh Nasser, a nephew of the emir, has been under constant political pressure ever since he became prime minister in February 2006.
Since then, the cabinet has resigned five times and the ruler has dissolved parliament three times.
Kuwait was the first Arab state in the Gulf to usher in parliamentary democracy.

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