Israelis admit killing suspected militant in Gaza

Media caption, The blast could be heard across Gaza City

Israel says it was responsible for an explosion that killed a suspected Palestinian militant and wounded two others in Gaza.

The Israeli military said it was a targeted attack, which was carried out jointly with the Israeli security agency, Shin Bet.

Palestinian officials in Gaza identified him as Mohammed Nimnim, who belonged to the Army of Islam.

He died when his car exploded in the centre of Gaza City.

Israel is not saying how he was killed, but Hamas officials say they believe it was an air strike from a drone plane.

The Israeli military said Mohammed Nimnim had directed several attacks against Israeli targets in recent years.

The Army of Islam is believed to be responsible for firing rockets into Israel.

His car was blown up in the middle of the morning in a busy street outside the main police station in Gaza City.

Witnesses said the blast could be heard across the city. They said the explosion sent thick clouds of smoke across the area and left behind a large hole in the ground.

The incident comes after several months of relative calm in Gaza.

The Army of Islam has often been critical of Hamas, which controls Gaza, for being too moderate. Israel says the group has links with al-Qaeda.