Brazil Chapecoense: Media mourn Colombia plane crash victims

Front page of Brazilian paper Diario Gaucho Image copyright Diario Gaucho
Image caption The front page of Brazilian paper Diario Gaucho

Brazilian and Colombian papers are mourning the victims of the Colombian plane crash, which killed most of Brazil's Chapecoense football team.

The plane, carrying Chapecoense to what had been billed as the biggest match in their history, came down on Monday.

Image copyright Meia Hora

Brazilian daily Meia Hora's football pitch emoji symbolises the sad end to the fairytale rise of Chapecoense, a small club from the southern town of Chapeco.

Image copyright Extra

The Rio daily Extra portrays a tragic twist to Chapecoense's green strip.

Image copyright Correio da bahia

"Who understands?", asks Brazil's Correio Braziliense. It says the face of a young Chapecoense fan "reflects the feeling of millions of people" following the crash that killed 71.

Image copyright Folha de S.Paulo

Brazil's Folha de Sao Paulo shows residents of Chapeco at a special Mass for the victims of the plane crash.

Image copyright Agora

"A major tragedy in football" is the headline of Brazil's Agora newspaper.

Image copyright Correio Braziliense

"And somewhere between the stars..." reads the headline of Brazilian paper Correio Braziliense's cartoon featuring the team's logo in a night sky.

Image copyright El Espectador

"Forever Champions" is the headline of Colombia's El Espectador, which says that the Chapeco stadium has become a centre for tributes to the team.

Image copyright Vanguardia

"Chain of errors likely cause of plane tragedy", says Colombia's Vanguardia.

Image copyright El Pilon

"Farewell champions" reads the headline of El Pilon, below a team photo of Chapecoense.

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