Argentina Plaza de Mayo group holds 2,000th rally

image source, EITAN ABRAMOVICH
image captionThe group has held its demonstrations every Thursday since 1977

Argentine human rights group the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo has held its 2,000th weekly rally in Buenos Aires.

They have marched on the square in the centre of the capital every Thursday since 1977, fighting for justice for victims of the 1976-83 military regime in the country.

Human rights groups say about 30,000 people were killed during that period.

Argentine President Mauricio Macri has been criticised for questioning the number of victims of the junta.

On Thursday, thousands of people cheered as the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo, arrived at the square in front of the presidential palace.

Many members of the group are now in their 80s and required assistance to walk.

image source, AFP
image captionThe group's members turn out despite their advancing years

Hebe de Bonafini, one of the group's leaders, last week faced arrest after refusing to testify in connection with a fraud inquiry. The arrest order was later lifted.

Mrs de Bonafini insists the investigation is politically motivated.

The latest rally came amid growing criticism of President Macri over his remarks on the number of victims during the junta's rule - known in Argentina as the "dirty war".

In an interview to the Buzzfeed website earlier this week, Mr Macri said he had "no idea" whether 30,000 was the right number and that the discussion "does not make any sense".

Leticia Angerosa, whose brother and sister disappeared during the military rule, told the BBC that Mr Macri's words "offend and hurt" victims' relatives.

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