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Mexico kidnap: The inside story

What is it like if your close family members are kidnapped - and you have to negotiate with the kidnapper?

This is the situation that many people have to cope with in Mexico. Official figures estimate there could have been 270 kidnappings a day in 2014 - though barely 1% were reported.

You can follow the real story of "Maria" and her husband "Jose" (not their real names). Jose was taken by kidnappers in central Mexico last year.

You will see their story unfold as if in real time over a week from Sunday 6 March via chat app Viber.

To follow the story go to BBC Stories on Viber. You can download the Viber app for free for Android & iOS phones.

Maria and Jose's story is part of a wider half-hour documentary called Our World: Kidnapped in Mexico that will be broadcast from 11 March on BBC World News and the BBC News Channel.

This an experiment in storytelling on an instant messaging platform from the BBC. The whole story will be available after broadcast on the BBC News website.

By downloading the Viber app, Viber will have access to your mobile phone number and your phone contacts.

As this is an experiment, tell us what you think - you can tweet us: @BBCOurWorld or use the hashtag #MexicoKidnap.

You can email with your comments.

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