Alondra Diaz case: Mexico custody battle teen back in US

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Alondra Diaz Garcia has been reunited with her mother Dorotea after eight years, as Elaine Jung reports

A teenager who was taken to Mexico by her father eight years ago has returned to the US with her mother.

Alondra Diaz Garcia, 13, was reunited with her mother, Dorotea Garcia, after DNA tests confirmed her identity.

"I want to learn many things about the United States, about my family," said Alondra as she arrived at her new home in a suburb of Houston, Texas.

Alondra, who was born in the US, was taken to Mexico by her father after he lost a custody battle in 2007.

Ms Garcia went to Mexico on Friday to see her daughter for the first time in nearly eight years.

`I love her, and I am so happy having her here," Ms Garcia told journalists after returning to the US from Guadalajara.

'The wrong Alondra'

Alondra's whereabouts were unknown until very recently.

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Alondra Diaz had not seen her mother since June 2007

Her relatives say her father, Reynaldo Diaz, decided to return her after another Mexican girl, also called Alondra, was mistakenly identified as the missing teenager.

Alondra Luna Nunez, 14, was dragged from her classroom in dramatic fashion and taken against her will to Dorotea Garcia in Houston.

A video showing Alondra Luna Nunez in distress as she was seized by police in the central city of Guanajuato caused outrage after it was published on social media.

A local Mexican judge had refused to order DNA tests before sending the girl to the US.

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Alondra Luna Nunez was in distress as police officers dragged her out of school

DNA tests carried out in Houston eventually revealed Alondra Luna Nunez was not Ms Garcia's daughter.

The girl was flown back to Mexico, where she was reunited with her parents.

On Monday the real Alondra Diaz Garcia presented herself at a court in the western state of Michoacan.

DNA tests confirmed her identity on Thursday.

The girl told local media that she had been "happy with my Dad, but at the same time I felt there was something missing".