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Amazon Indians raid remote Peru village

Uncontacted Mashco-Piro tribe in south-east Peru (Gabriella Galli/ Image copyright Other
Image caption It is thought the Mashco-Piro tribe had not been spotted by outsiders before August 2011 (file photo)

Authorities in Peru have decided to evacuate a remote Amazon community after it was raided by members of an indigenous tribe.

About 200 Mashco-Piro Indians armed with bows and arrows arrived at Monte Salvador looking for food.

They are said to have killed domestic animals and taken cooking pots and other metal goods.

No-one was injured, but police say it is safer for villagers to move to a bigger town.

This is the third time this year that the Mashco-Piro Indians have arrived in Monte Salvador searching for food and metal objects.

But last Thursday they came while most of the villagers were away and ransacked their homes before retreating into the forest.

The villagers say they also killed some of their animals.

Two days later, the Mashco-Piro Indians returned and the villagers fled.

The Peruvian police are sending boats to take them to Puerto Maldonado, a busy town in south-eastern Peru near the borders with Bolivia and Brazil.

A local indigenous organisation (Fenamed) has asked the government to protect the Mashco-Piro's land, much of which has been taken over by logging concessions and drug-traffickers.

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