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El Salvador match-fixing: 14 footballers banned for life

Carlos Mendez (file image)
Image caption Federation President Carlos Mendez said the inquiry had been "extensive"

El Salvador's football federation has imposed a life-time ban on 14 members of the country's national team for match-fixing.

One of them is the goalkeeper Dagoberto Portillo.

Another three players were banned for between six and 18 months. Only one of the 22 players involved was cleared.

The players were accused of receiving bribes in matches such as a 5-0 defeat against Mexico in 2011 and a 4-2 loss against Paraguay last February.

Four players remain under investigation and those banned have 15 days to appeal.

The 22 players were suspended in August pending the investigation.

"The disciplinary commission's work has been extensive, has evaluated all types of information obtained from interviews, videos and testimonials from people," said Carlos Mendez, president of the country's football federation (Fesfut).

The players banned for life are: Luis Anaya, Osael Romero, Ramon Sanchez, Christian Castillo, Miguel Granada, Miguel Montes, Dagoberto Portillo, Dennis Alas, Darwin Bonilla, Ramon Flores, Alfredo Pacheco, Mordecai Henriquez, Marvin Gonzalez and Reynaldo Hernandez.

The federation is allowing a period of 15 days for Salvadoran league clubs affected to hire new players.

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