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Participant at a rally in support of the private Venezuelan TV station Globovision Image copyright AFP
Image caption Critics accused former leader Hugo Chavez of stifling dissent

Venezuela's many private broadcasters operate alongside state-run radio and TV.

But the media balance has shifted towards pro-government voices in recent years, says US NGO Freedom House.

President Nicolas Maduro has done his utmost to silence independent media, says Reporters Without Borders (RSF), which lists Mr Maduro among its "enemies of press freedom".

Outlets including Globovision TV and influential newspaper El Universal have been bought by government supporters, RSF says. Newspapers have encountered "strange newsprint shortages".

Venezuela is the main shareholder in Telesur, a Caracas-based pan-American TV. Governments with a stake in the venture are all left wing or left of centre.

State telecom firm Cantv operates a multichannel TV platform via the Venesat 1 satellite. Digital terrestrial TV is being rolled out.

There were 18 million internet users by 2016 ( Twitter and Facebook usage is among the highest in South America.

Pressure on traditional media has spurred the growth of online outlets specialising in investigative journalism, says Freedom House.

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