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Staff of a local radio station broadcasting from a tent in quake-hit city of Jacmel
Image caption Some stations had to resort to tents when their studios were destroyed by the 2010 quake

Radio is Haiti's key news medium. The sector is crowded, with around 375 stations on air nationwide. Most of them are local, privately-owned FM operations and broadcast in Creole.

Audiences for Haiti's 60 or so TV stations are limited by the lack of a reliable electricity supply. Most TV stations have limited capacity to produce their own programmes.

Newspaper circulations are small and are impeded by affordability and low literacy. However, newspaper websites are popular among Haitians abroad.

Violence against journalists is a problem and media tend to practice self-censorship, says Freedom House.

Social media were used as a communications channel after the 2010 quake. The first images of the disaster came from citizens' mobile phones. There were more than 800,000 internet users by the end of 2011 (via Internetworldstats).

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