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Argentina is one of South America's biggest media markets. There are dozens of TV networks, hundreds of radio stations and more than 150 daily newspapers.

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Over 150 dailies are published

The Grupo Clarin and La Nacion conglomerates are the main players in the national media.

The top free-to-air TV networks - Telefe, America, El Nueve and El Trece - are privately owned. Public broadcasting has a minor role. Clarin and La Nacion are the leading national newspapers.

The media are generally free from official censorship, says Freedom House. But it says the threat of violence can encourage self-censorship when covering crime stories.

Argentina has one of Latin America's highest rates of internet penetration. There were nearly 35 million users, around 78% of the population, by 2017 ( Facebook is the most popular social platform.

The government does not routinely block or filter online content, says Freedom House.

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