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Argentine papers mark anniversary of Falklands War

Argentine veterans of the Falklands War pose in front of the Malvinas Monument in Ushuaia, Argentina
Image caption Argentine veterans marked the anniversary at the Malvinas Monument in Ushuaia

Newspapers in Argentina mark the 30th anniversary of the Falklands War with editorials portraying the islands as a live and unifying force.

Several condemn the military government of the time for its ''bungled attempt'' to seize the islands by military means, but say the country should still press its claim to the 'Malvinas', as they call the territory.

Some commentators call on politicians to treat the issue of the islands as a state policy and not a tool in their political battles.

Editorial in La Voz

Regardless of differences in social and economic status, race and beliefs, the issue of the Malvinas is a flag that encompasses and unites the whole country.

Osvaldo Pepe in Clarin

Malvinas is a symbol of our unity, our most ambitious fantasy of the construction of an integrated nation… Malvinas is that motto which draws us together, provides us with our identity.

Fulvio Pompeo in Clarin

Sovereignty (of the islands) and peace appear to be a pivotal axis of the issue that is dearest to national feelings. Various governments, that have shaped the destiny of our country since the return to democracy, have addressed the policy towards the Malvinas in different ways, but beyond nuances they all agreed on the reaffirmation of these guiding principles.

Editorial in La Nacion

There is no doubt that the legitimate right of Argentina to the archipelago taken by force by the British in 1833 served as an instrument in a desperate attempt by the military government to address their declining support… It was a costly lesson. It lost us time and land… Thirty years after this military conflict we should not forget the heroes who gave their lives for their country and prevent the abuse of the Malvinas issue for political gains.

Editorial in El Dia

An inalienable right of our country became an excuse for a bungled war launched by a military government whose true aim was to remain in power… We paid for this absurd war with the blood of our men and long years of isolation and international mistrust towards our country… Thirty years after that painful and traumatic experience, Argentina should intensify its work and dedication to seek to regain, through diplomatic channels and in all international forums, the full recognition of our sovereignty over the Malvinas.

Editorial in La Voz

Argentina has committed diplomatic and military errors in order to recover the islands. Because of this it is necessary to implement a serious state policy in a permanent and irrevocable form… The definition of such a strategy needs to be adopted as a state policy and not a military adventure, as in 1982, nor a partisan policy that seems to be behind the recent actions by the government of Cristina Fernandez. Our society wants no more spasmodic actions or demagoguery… The Malvinas must never again become a subject of a military adventure, or oscillating diplomatic attempts.

Fulvio Pompeo in Clarin

In order to develop and design a strategy for the Malvinas issue, we need to promote and consolidate a true state policy that prioritises long term planning and provides clear proof of continuity in the management of our external affairs… External dialogue and internal consensus seem to be the keywords and are crucial to address the future of the Malvinas.

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