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Mexico arrests 'mastermind' of Monterrey casino fire

Monterrey casino attack suspect Baltasar Saucedo Estrada presented to the media by masked police
Image caption Mr Saucedo is the latest alleged member of the Zetas to be detained over the arson attack

Mexican authorities have captured the man they believe organised an arson attack on a casino in Monterrey that killed 52 people last year.

Baltasar Saucedo Estrada - known as the "dog-killer" - is alleged to be a local leader of the Zetas drugs cartel.

The attack on the Casino Royale in Monterrey in August was one of the deadliest in Mexico in years.

It is thought it was ordered because the owners refused to pay protection money.

Mr Saucedo, 38, was detained on Thursday in a suburb of Monterrey after crashing his car as he tried to escape a police patrol, officials said.

More than $1m (£640,000) had been offered for information leading to his capture.

He is also accused of involvement in the murder of police officers.

Image caption The attack happened in broad daylight in Monterrey

Nearly 20 suspects have been arrested in connection with the attack, which shocked Mexico.

The Zetas are one of Mexico's most powerful and violent drugs cartels, and have been expanding their influence in recent years.

Monterrey - a major industrial city close to the border with Texas in the US - has seen rising violence as the Zetas battle the rival Gulf cartel for control of territory and smuggling routes.