Brazil elections: Your comments


Dilma Rousseff has been elected president of Brazil, succeeding Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.

Ms Rousseff of the governing Workers' Party won the presidential run-off election against the Social Democratic Party's Jose Serra.

Brazilian readers of the BBC News website have been sending us their thoughts on the country's first woman president.

Nerivaldo Rios, Feira de Santana, Bahia

image captionNerivaldo is happy with the outcome of the election

I am happy with the outcome. Despite the fact that Dilma Rousseff is not our dream candidate, Jose Serra would be our biggest nightmare.

I believe Dilma will carry on with the programmes of development and income distribution created by Lula's government which benefit a great part of the population.

Brazilians can now feel prosperity knocking on their door, which can be seen by the record figures in job creation.

A new era is starting for Brazil - hopefully it will be even better than Lula's. Good luck to our president!

Roberto Argento, Rio de Janeiro

image captionRoberto says Brazilians must "wait and see"

I voted for Serra both times and didn't support Dilma Rousseff. I don't think she really exists - she seems to be an invention of Lula's.

Now that she is in power, we need to be alert to this government's movements.

Will they continue to modernise the economy? Will they try to control the press? Will there be more nationalisation? We need to wait and see.

The opposition must now begin to get organised to present an alternative prospect for Brazil. They need to bring to light the inconsistencies and excesses of the "Lula-ism."

Paula Bastos, Belem

image captionPaula thinks Dilma is the best choice for Brazil

I think Dilma is the best choice for Brazil today. She already seems very different from Lula.

She was very serious in her first speech. It was an emotional moment because she is a woman, which is very important for Brazil and for democracy in general.

She also spoke a lot about internal markets. She really put the focus on developing the country and eradicating poverty from within.

I think Dilma is really conscious that she's in charge of a big country with big problems. She gave a very good view of Brazil today and the challenges the country faces in the future.

Jaime Tanner-Netto, Brazilian living in London

image captionJaime is "disappointed" by the election results

I didn't expect this to happen.

I thought that people wouldn't vote for Dilma the second time around because she is inexperienced. But now she's the president.

I don't know a single person who voted for her. Because Lula's protege has won, it's as if he himself is doing a third term.

Now we will get closer to Venezuela and Colombia - and they're not countries that we should be following.

Reinaldo Mendes Lopes, Sao Paulo

image captionReinaldo thinks Dilma should support the economy

I am satisfied with the result of this election, as I voted for Ms Rousseff in the second round, although I did vote for Marina Silva of the Green Party in the first round.

Dilma's biggest challenges will be to keep a balanced economy and support the country's growth.

She will inherit a populist government programme from Lula which distributes money through social programmes for the poor instead of investing strongly in professional qualification, education and infrastructure.

If she manages to keep the successful policies implemented during Lula's government, and avoids making drastic changes to the economy, her government will be an important conquest for the Brazilian people.

Henrique Antunis, Sao Paulo

image captionHenrique thinks Ms Rousseff will do a "great job"

I'm 19 years old and I voted for Dilma because she will keep up the work that Lula has been doing.

As far as I know, Lula is very popular around the world. He made the world see that we are more than just a "football nation" and he's given Brazilians confidence.

Lula has done good work in the poorer areas of Brazil. I live in the suburbs of Sao Paulo and we've seen improvements in transport and education.

I don't feel that Serra's party has done much for Brazil. He was mayor and governor of Sao Paulo but he stopped both posts halfway through their term. He doesn't keep his promises.

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