Covid-19: Jersey people urged to wear masks indoors

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Masks will be required in all shops, GPs surgeries and hairdressers

People in Jersey are being urged to wear masks in indoor public places to avoid "community spread" of Covid-19.

The wearing of masks in public spaces has been "advised" by the Government of Jersey since 6 April and they have been required on public transport from July.

The government said it was considering making indoor use mandatory.

Deputy medical officer of health Dr Ivan Muscat said the updated guidance followed the identification of a cluster of cases.

He said authorities had also seen four cases with an "unknown source".

Latest figures showed 80 current known cases of coronavirus in the island.

According to the updated guidance, masks should be worn by anyone over the age of 11 when visiting:

  • Shops including post offices, pharmacies and banks
  • Supermarkets, indoor markets and petrol stations
  • The bus station or while using public transport, private hire cars or taxis
  • Hospitals, clinics and GP surgeries
  • Care homes
  • Hairdressers and beauty salons.

Dr Muscat said: "Wearing masks reduces the droplets emitted whilst breathing, talking, coughing and sneezing.

"It is these droplets that contain the virus and it is these droplets that are responsible for the main form of transmission of Covid."

Health Minister Richard Renouf said the government was looking at drafting legislation to require the use of masks in indoor settings.

He added: "We will review the result of these measures before considering the mandatory use of masks following a States Assembly debate."

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