Five sites shortlisted for new Jersey hospital

image captionThe search for the new site for Jersey's hospital has been ongoing since 2012

A shortlist of five locations for the site of Jersey's new hospital has been released.

They are St Andrew's Park, the People's Park, Overdale in St Helier, a group of fields near Five Oaks in St Saviour, and Millbrook playing field.

A final decision will be made after the "feasibility" of completing the project by 2026 is examined, the Government of Jersey said.

Politicians were not involved in the site choices, it added.

The list was drawn up after 82 possible locations were assessed against suitability criteria by health experts and a panel of islanders.

The search for the new site began in 2012 and £466m of funding was agreed in 2017.

A proposal to rebuild the current site was rejected in 2019.

Sites being assessed

A £30m design contract was awarded to Jersey-Spanish construction partnership ROK FCC in June.

The company will assess the sites for the "feasibility" of completing the hospital by 2026, the government said.

One of them, Millbrook, is currently being used for Jersey's temporary Nightingale hospital.

The assessment will include the environmental impact, infrastructure requirements, overall cost and site-specific issues.

A recommendation will be made in September and voted on in November, the government revealed.

Chairman of the project's political oversight group, Senator Lyndon Farnham, described it as an "important step forward" and the process as "independent, transparent and fact-based".

He said: "Each of the sites presents its own unique set of challenges and opportunities and we know there will be a high level of public interest and, potentially, concern."

The list has already been contested, with the Constable of St Helier proposing the States remove St Andrews Park, also known as First Tower, from the shortlist.

Senator Farmham stressed "more work has to take place" before the final choice was made in the autumn.

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