CCTV installed at Jersey 'honesty' shop to deter thieves

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Owner Sue Emmanuel said she had never wanted to install a camera

Shop owners have installed CCTV at their 'honesty' shop after produce was stolen on multiple occasions.

Hamptonne Farm in Jersey runs the unmanned shop where customers are trusted to leave behind money for items they take.

Owner Sue Emmanuel said they had been forced to install a surveillance camera to deter thieves.

She said the incidents were "disheartening" and had left her questioning the value of the shop.

Ms Emmanuel told the BBC more than £60 worth of produce had been stolen in one weekend.

She said she had never wanted to install a camera, but did not know what else to do.

"That's not what an honesty box is about, but we've had to in the hope that it's going to deter whoever it is," she said.

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Customers are trusted to leave behind money for the products they take

The thefts have continued for over a month and tend to happen on the weekend when no-one is around.

Ms Emmanuel added if people were stealing out of need, they would have happily donated produce.

The owners have not contacted the police and instead hope the camera will act as a sufficient deterrent.