Jersey school parrot celebrates 70th birthday

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Sim arrived at the school in 1988 after the toy shop he was living in closed down

A school parrot has celebrated its 70th birthday with a special party.

The septuagenarian songbird named Sim, was sung happy birthday by the choir at the Rouge Bouillon School in St Helier, Jersey, and received a cake that was edible to both humans and birds.

The brightly coloured Amazon parrot has been the school's pet since 1988. In 1991 Sim survived a fire which destroyed part of the building.

Students help with his care, feeding him and cleaning his cage daily.

Sim is a particularly long-lived member of his species, with most Amazon parrots not living much beyond 50.

He was rehomed at the school after living in a toy shop which was forced to close.

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Sim was treated to a special cake and singing from the school choir

One student said Sim was a great companion to spend time with if you were feeling lonely.

Deputy head teacher Jess Doyle described the ageing parrot as having become a "really big part of the school" during her 30 years in education.

She said: "When we have new children arrive at the school who may not speak English, we take them to go see him and he makes them feel very welcome."

She added that there must be "thousands of people" across the island with fond memories of Sim.