Scallop diver reunites £8k camera with owner

Josh Dearing Image copyright Mike Dearing
Image caption Josh Dearing and his father, Mike, had been gathering scallop on a rocky seabed at St Brelade's bay, Jersey

A scallop diver in Jersey has returned an £8,000 camera to its owner five weeks after it was lost under water.

Diver and photographer Kevin McIlwee lost his camera in July when the clip securing it to him came off, causing his camera to fall to the seabed.

But while diving at St Brelade on Sunday, Josh Dearing found the device.

Mr Dearing was "amazed" to find the camera still worked despite being "covered in cuttlefish eggs".

Owner Mr McIlwee told the BBC it was a "massive relief" to be reunited with the equipment.

The camera was undamaged during its time under water.

"The saving grace was that the camera was in a vacuum sealed box," he said.

Image caption Kevin McIlwee had almost given up hope of ever finding his camera

"Once sea water penetrates into equipment it will deteriorate in seconds.

"Everything is working as it was before."

Image copyright Kevin McIlwee
Image caption Mr McIlwee had taken a detailed picture of Crimora papillata, a type of sea slug, with his camera

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