Jersey election 2014: Results and candidates

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Grouville, St Brelade, St Clement, St Helier, St John, St Lawrence, St Martin, St Mary, St Ouen, St Peter, St Saviour and Trinity.

Senator election 2014
Candidate Votes received Status
Ian Gorst 14,037 Elected
Sir Philip Bailhache 13,770 Elected
Andrew Green 13,240 Elected
Alan Maclean 11,698 Elected
Paul Routier 10,964 Elected
Zoe Cameron 10,412 Elected
Lyndon Farnham 10,409 Elected
Philip Ozouf 10,062 Elected
Sarah Ferguson 9,800
Sean Power 8,263
John Young 7,095
Malcolm Ferey 6,488
Geoff Habin 5,329
Anne Southern 4,276
Guy De Faye 3,381
Chris Magee 3,153
Konrad Kruszynski 2,059
David Richardson 1,811
Deputy election 201
Parish/District Elected candidate(s) Votes % of voters
St Brelade One (one seat) Murray Norton 545 46%
St Brelade Two (two seats) Graham Truscott 1,073 24%
Montfort Tadier 890 20%
St Clement (two seats) Susie Pinel 1,541 36%
Simon Bree 1,364 32%
Grouville (one seat) Carolyn Labey (elected unopposed) N/A N/A
St Helier One (three seats) Judy Martin 946 30%
Russell Labey 811 26%
Scott Wickenden 476 15%
St Helier Two (three seats) Rod Bryans 685 26%
Sam Mezec (Reform Jersey) 605 23%
Geoff Southern (Reform Jersey) 566 22%
St Helier Three and Four (four seats) Jackie Hilton 1,555
Richard Rondel 1,473
Mike Higgins 1,147
Andrew Lewis 1,042
St John (one seat) Tracey Vallois (elected unopposed) N/A N/A
St Lawrence (two seats) John Le FondreEddie Noel (elected unopposed) N/A N/A
St Martin (one seat) Steve Luce (elected unopposed) N/A N/A
St Mary (one seat) David Johnson 408 56%
St Ouen (one seat) Richard Renouf 1,215 81%
St Peter (one seat) Kristina Moore 1,335
St Saviour One (two seats) Jeremy Macon 780
Peter McLinton 656
St Saviour Two (two seats) Kevin Lewis 727 43%
Louise Doublet 632 38%
St Saviour Three (one seat) Terry McDonald (elected unopposed) N/A N/A
Trinity (one seat) Anne Pryke 624
Constable election 2014
Parish Elected candidate Votes % of voters
St Brelade Steve Pallett (elected unopposed) N/A N/A
St Clement Len Norman (elected unopposed) N/A N/A
Grouville John Le Maistre (elected unopposed) N/A N/A
St Helier Simon Crowcroft (elected unopposed) N/A N/A
St John Christopher Taylor (elected unopposed) N/A N/A
St Lawrence Diedre Mezbourian (elected unopposed) N/A N/A
St Martin Michel Le Troquer (elected unopposed) N/A N/A
St Mary Juliette Gallichan 376 50%
St Ouen Michael Paddock (elected unopposed) N/A N/A
St Peter John Refault (elected unopposed) N/A N/A
St Saviour Sadie Rennard (elected unopposed) N/A N/A
Trinity Philip Le Sueur (elected unopposed) N/A N/A
Referendum: Should the Constables remain as members of the States as an automatic right?
Number of Yes votes % of Yes votes Number of No votes % of No votes
15,069 62% 9,061 37%

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