Crackdown on illegal lifts in Jersey

A Facebook group offering lifts for cash is being targeted by police.

Police have told the group what they are doing is illegal and if caught they will be prosecuted for operating unlicensed taxis.

A user on the page said: "Since when did it become illegal for the community to help each other out."

Supt Rob Bastable, head of Uniform Services, said he understood that view but added: "The fact remains that they are breaking the law."

Over the next 24 hours officers will deliver letters to people frequently offering lifts to others in return for cash.

Police are warning people that it is not just illegal but that they are compromising their safety.

"Most young people are taught to not get into a car with a stranger - why has that changed because it is organised through social media?

"We are asking parents to have a chat to their child and re-iterate our safety advice," said Supt Bastable.

Offering lifts is not a crime in itself, but becomes so when the driver asks for a fee above petrol costs.

Supt Bastable said: "Unlike taxis these drivers are not regulated, not insured and have not been through the strict checks that those who have taxi licences have to."

One person on the Facebook group said: "If you give someone a lift and they offer to give you a couple of quid as a thank you then that's their choice."

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