Jersey's married women to get own tax rights

Married women in Jersey will be taxed as individuals without having to get permission from their husbands by 2020.

Treasury and Resources Minister, Senator Philip Ozouf, said it was a move towards treating people equally regardless of lifestyle choices.

In 2012, the treasury changed the income tax form so husbands could give their wives permission to deal with their own tax affairs.

Politicians will vote on the change during the budget debate on 3 December.

Senator Ozouf said independent taxation was an important step towards modernising the Jersey system of taxation.

He said: "It is a widely accepted principle that tax policy should not be used to encourage or discourage lifestyle choices; individuals or couples, whether married or cohabiting, should be treated equally.

"Moving towards independent taxation is an important step forward that will ultimately create a fairer and more efficient tax system for islanders."

Married women have been able to be assessed separately from 2003, but a woman's husband had to write to the tax department to give permission.

In the budget statement, Senator Ozouf outlined the timetable and says everyone will be independently assessed by 2020.

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