Jersey group calls for Sunday trading trial

A consumer rights group wants Sunday trading restrictions in Jersey lifted for a two year trial period.

The Jersey Consumer Council said de-regulating Sundays would boost both the economy and tourism.

It said the island is letting down its tourists by presenting them with little opportunity to shop on Sunday.

Gerald Voisin represents retailers in the Chamber of Commerce and said opening on Sunday would cause more problems that it would solve.

He said: "Unless you employ a lot more staff then you are going to have fewer staff on the sales floor when you open because we will be opening seven days instead of six.

"My belief is that if everybody starts opening on a Sunday then all we will be doing is spreading six days of trade over seven days.

"I don't believe we will find any more money out there for people to spend on retail."

The Jersey Consumer Council said shoppers are using the internet instead of the high street because stores are not open when they have time to buy things.

A survey by the Chamber of Commerce of its members found about a third felt they would see more trade if shops opened on Sundays.

More than half of the 181 companies who responded to the survey said Sunday trading should be limited by law.

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