Jersey residents 'isolated' by St Helier roadworks

Older people living on South Hill in St Helier claim they have been left isolated by roadworks in the area.

Joy Davies, who lives in the area, says nobody comes to visit her as it is too difficult to drive to the entrance.

The Transport Minister, Deputy Kevin Lewis, said he was doing all he good to get the work completed as quickly as possible.

South Hill and surrounding roads have been closed for the work, leading to traffic delays getting into town.

Ms Davies said a shuttle bus put on to help people affected by the road closures was unpredictable so she did not use it.

Mr Lewis said while he was sorry for any inconvenience, he was doing everything he could to get people moving and to keep them informed.

He said: "There are literally thousands of people suffering disruption at the moment, especially with the rockfall at Mount Bingham."

Months of work after the rockfall also led to diversions and delays.

Nora Day, who also lives in the area, said she used to go into town every day to meet friends and go shopping but now stays indoors because she finds it too stressful to go out.

She said: "I rely on friends, they ring me up and ask if I need anything. I am miserable all over this, it has spoiled my life."

St Helier parish officials say they are open to suggestions about how to improve life for South Hill residents and have asked people to contact them.

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