Jersey's Wendy Trehiou swims English Channel and back

Wendy Trehiou about to start her double Channel swim - picture courtesy of Cliff Golding
Image caption Wendy Trehiou said she did not think she would ever attempt the double again

A Jersey woman has become the first islander to swim the English Channel and back in one go.

Wendy Trehiou spent 39 hours in the water to complete the 42-mile round trip.

She was the 26th person to complete the double swim and set herself the challenge after beating breast cancer.

She told the BBC: "It hasn't sunk in yet. I will never do it again... I'll do a one-way but the double is just too extreme."

Ms Trehiou finished the swim shortly after 22:00 BST on Wednesday.

She said: "Whilst I swum 42 miles I did a huge amount more in travelling distance because of the tides.

"[At the end] it took three or four people to get me back on the boat as my arms were dead."

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