Jersey Post sees 10% Christmas post rise

Jersey Post
Image caption Jersey postmen and women are likely to walk 5,000 miles by Christmas Eve, it is claimed

Jersey Post says it expects to deliver more than four million items by Christmas Eve, 10% higher than the previous year.

The government-owned company says it is taking on an extra 75 workers to cope with demand.

Andy Jehan, from Jersey Post, said the company was benefiting as more people were buying things online.

The company did not advertise for staff - giving jobs instead to long term unemployed though social security.

Head of Jersey's Chamber of Commerce, David Warr, said retailers had to be realistic about changing lifestyles. He said people find it easier to shop online.

He said: "We have to be realistic that people are shopping more online because there is much greater choice. We know about 17% of islanders are buying online so there is still 83% buying on Jersey.

"I wouldn't be too downhearted, it is a reality of the market that people find it more convenient, it is not reflective of Jersey being more expensive, people just have less time to shop."

Andy Jehan said postmen and women in Jersey were likely to walk 5,000 miles and cycle the equivalent of three and a half Tours de France to deliver mail up to Christmas.

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