Jersey charities 'should benefit' from reduction in red tape

A law change to reduce red tape should benefit charities organising gambling events, the head of Jersey's Gambling Commission has said.

Dr Jason Lane, the commission's chief executive, said changes would save time and money wasted on paperwork.

Currently all charities must register and buy permits every time they have bingo and lottery fundraisers.

A new exemption will apply to lotteries and bingo events where the total value of prizes is no more than £1,500.

Geo Holmes, from Age Concern, said the changes would be "fantastic" if they came in.

She said: "From the beginning I found the forms I had to fill in intimidating. If that process was reduced it would allow many more charities to hold ad-hoc events.

"For charities trying to raise funds making processes simple is the best thing they can do."

Dr Lane said the changes would mean 68% of charitable lotteries and 73% of bingo events would be exempt from having to apply for a permit.

He said: "We spend an unnecessary amount of time looking over the paperwork the various good causes put together.

"I don't think it really serves any good regulatory purpose and is an unnecessary hurdle for them."

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