Jersey Blind Society pays for training for States workers

A Jersey charity is paying for States workers to be trained to deal with people who have lost their sight.

The Jersey Blind Society is paying for a UK trainer to come to the island to train the society's community worker.

The charity has also offered the training to four occupational health therapists and one job coach.

Bob Gaiger, chairman of the Jersey Blind Society, said it made financial sense to pay more to bring the trainer to the island to teach more people.

He said: "The eventual outcome of that, we hope, will be the appointment of a rehabilitation officer for the island for the visually impaired, because it's an area that really hasn't had enough attention thus far."

He said the officer would help people through the difficult early stage of sight loss where people feel powerless and isolated.

But Mr Gaiger said the officer would also help them adapt to life without vision.

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