Jersey pair find more than 60 Iron Age coins

A number of Iron Age coins including some thought to be Roman have been found in a field in Jersey by two men using metal detectors.

Reg Mead and Richard Miles started searching for the coins 30 years ago.

Their search began after hearing stories about a pot of coins unearthed when a hedgerow was being removed.

The 60 silver and one gold coin are thought to have come from near St Malo where Celtic tribes were resisting Julius Caesar's conquest of Gaul.

Tests are being carried out by Jersey Heritage which said it thought they were made by the Coriosolite tribe.

Coins made by this tribe are more common than other Celtic tribes from what is now modern day Brittany.

Several hoards of Celtic coins have been found in Jersey. The largest was in 1935 at La Marquanderie when more than 11,000 were discovered.

Mr Mead and Mr Miles hope to find more in the field and so will not say where it is.

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