'Recklessly thrown' firework causes Jersey house fire

Young people caused a house fire by throwing a firework on the first night they went on sale in Jersey.

The Fire Service said it was recklessly thrown at a home in the Five Oaks area and people need to understand fireworks are explosives, not toys.

They are advising islanders to choose a public display over fireworks at home this year.

Station manager Richard Liron said: "We certainly don't want to spoil the fun, but people must respect fireworks."

Jersey's Fire Service said if people were having a bonfire at home, they should read the firework instructions carefully, keep children safe and pets indoors and avoid alcohol until the display was finished.

Mr Liron added: "Even small fireworks are capable of inflicting horrific life-changing injuries and when you understand this, it makes you wonder why people still play with fireworks.

"Sadly, I can only imagine that those who still run the risks do so only because they have never been directly involved, or witnessed first hand, the terror and shock that accompanies such incidents."

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