Jersey Cancer Relief thanked for funding HPV vaccines

HPV vaccination
Image caption The three-dose Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine was given to 1,500 teenage girls in Jersey

Jersey's health department has thanked a local charity for the work it has done to prevent cancer.

Jersey Cancer Relief has helped to fund vaccines to protect teenage girls from cervical cancer.

The island's health department paid for the vaccine to be given to girls aged 12 and 13, but the donation from the charity meant girls above that age were offered the vaccine too.

The three dose vaccine was given to 1,500 girls in Jersey.

Dr Mark Jones, consultant community paediatrician and immunisation lead, said: "We know what the lifetime risk of developing cervical cancer is and we should now have protected approximately eight out of 11 young girls who otherwise would have gone on to develop cervical cancer at some stage in their lives."

Joan Richard, from the charity, said: "It is by our own fundraising and the generosity of the Jersey public that this has been possible and we are delighted that 1,500 girls have been vaccinated."

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