Jersey police warn over email scams

Jersey police has warned people not to reply to emails pretending to be from friends stranded abroad.

The force said criminals hacked into email accounts and sent out messages to those on the contacts list.

Although no money has been sent by people in Jersey, the police in the island have warned internet users to be extra vigilant.

Police said this particular scam was well known but was still often successful.

The police said the scammers sent pleas for help such as "I'm in Spain, all my credit cards have been stolen, and the hotel is demanding its money."

The emails appear to be from a friend and therefore rely on people thinking someone they know needs assistance.

The States of Jersey Police said: "Unless you are completely sure of any transaction, do not enter into any agreement with any person or company.

"Don't send money unless you have spoken to the person you know, and you are absolutely certain exactly who the money is going to."

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