Branchage festival events

Image caption The opening film of the Branchage festival is a documentary about F1 driver Ayrton Senna

The Branchage festival is taking place between Thursday 22 September and Sunday 25 September with dozens of screenings and events at venues across the island.

Branchage films

The 2011 Branchage festival will start with a screening of Senna at the Jersey Opera House on Thursday, 22 September.

The documentary about the F1 driver uses archive footage to tell his monumental story, from early beginnings as a world champion teenage kart-race, to his unbroken run of F1 wins.

The film is the opening night gala of the Branchage festival and will start at 19:30 BST (Tickets £10)

The closing film of the Branchage film festival is the Great White Silence with a live score by Simon Fisher Turner and the Elysian Quartet at the Jersey Opera House.

The Great White Silence is a 1924 feature based on footage of Captain Scott's expedition to the South Pole shot by Herbert Ponting.

On Sunday 25 September from 19:30 BST at the Jersey Opera House (£12)

More details on the films, question and answer sessions as well as musical performances around the films can be found on the Branchage website.

Like this, try these...

  • There will be a screening of 'Of Gods and Men' at St Thomas's Church in St Helier on Friday from 19:30 BST (£7)
  • Restrepo is being screened at Le Quesne Barracks in St Helier on Friday from 18:30 BST (£7)
  • The Beat is the Law, about the origins of Pulp will be screened in the Arts Centre on 25 September from 11:30 BST (£7)
  • A documentary looking at the history of Jersey Surfing will be screened at the Nutz Surfboard Factory in St Ouen on 24 September from 13:00 BST (£7)

Music and Soundtrack

There will be a number of silent films and animations with a live musical performance by local and visiting musicians.

Radio 1 DJ Rob da Bank will be performing a live score to 1933 film King Kong at Cineworld.

Rob da Bank first performed his eclectic score to the giant gorilla classic for BBC Four and will be performing for only the third time.

It is the tale of a film crew that find the perfect location but find a giant gorilla who takes a liking to the leading lady.

The crew rescue her and take Kong to New York to put him on show, but he refuses to be tied down.

The film and live score is on Friday 23 September from 19:30 BST at Cineworld with a Q&A with Rob da Bank afterwards. (£12)

Like this, try this...

  • London psychedelic rock band Teeth of the Sea will perform a live score to a re-imagining of Neil Marshalls Doomsday on Saturday 24 September from 20:30 at the Arts Centre (£7)
  • Jersey-born cellist Gerard Le Feuvre will perform a live score to Around Cape Horn, a film shot by Captain Irving Johnson during his 1929 rounding of Cape Horn on Sunday from 12:00 BST (£7)
  • Serafina Steer will perform a live score on psychedelic harp to an animation, This Side of the Moon by her brother Sam Steer on Friday at Ebenezer Church from 20:00 (£7)
  • Club Kamikaze presents teenager riot, a night of grunge music at the Live Lounge on Saturday from 21:00 BST (£6)
  • Branchage Global at the Havana Club will see a line up of internationally flavoured live acts including Capitol K on Friday from 21:00 BST (£10)

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