Jersey needs civil partnerships, says campaigner

Gay couple
Image caption An equality campaigner said Jersey needs to bring in the law to give same sex couples equal rights

Introducing civil partnerships in Jersey will make being gay more acceptable, according to an equality campaigner.

The States agreed to give same sex couples similar rights to marriage but the law is yet to come in force.

Steven Edwards, from the Community Relations Trust, said it was time gay couples were recognised by law in Jersey.

He said there was discrimination in the current system.

"When I moved to Jersey I had to wait the statutory amount of years to get my [housing] qualifications, whereas if I came here as a married person I would have them straight away.

"Also opening a bank account in Jersey, I had to wait before I had been resident so many years to open the account.

"But a man can come on to the island, marry a woman and open a bank account or a business immediately, so there is a discrimination factor there."

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