Jersey shopping centre 'cleansed' by medium

Liberty Wharf shopping centre
Image caption Psychic Rhianna Hughes said she performed a cleansing ritual at Liberty Wharf shopping centre

A psychic medium said she performed a "cleansing ritual" at a former abattoir site which is now a shopping centre.

The St Helier Constable said a shopper contacted the town hall with concerns about the spirits of the animals slaughtered at Liberty Wharf.

Simon Crowcroft confirmed that a meeting was set up with the medium to discuss a "cleansing" to clear the centre of "animal spirits".

Psychic Rhianna Hughes said she did not find any signs of spirits there.

She said: "The energy at Liberty Wharf was very flat and soul-less."

Ms Hughes said: "I was met down there by one of the security guards and I went in, I took some herbs and oils that I had made up, and I sprinkled them around and I said some words."

Constable Crowcroft said: "Liberty Wharf needs every customer it can get at the moment in a recession and if these actions persuade a few more people to go in there then everyone should be pleased."

First Call Security who look after the security of the site confirmed that the ritual took place.

A spokesperson said it was because of "the historical implications of the site".

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