Progress made on strategic plan - chief minister

Senator Terry Le Sueur
Image caption The States has an extremely busy agenda for policy development and debate in 2011

The chief minister has said he is pleased with the progress of the strategic plan.

Senator Terry Le Sueur has updated the States on the work towards the objectives of the plan.

The plan sets out how Jersey can get through the recession, and how public service can be reformed to maximise efficiency and reduce costs.

It also suggests how to protect the vulnerable and fulfil the island's global responsibilities.

Senator Le Sueur said a great deal of progress has been made.

Fiscal stimulus funding of £44m has financed important maintenance and infrastructure projects, supported new business start-ups and provided extra training places and career advice.

The chief minister said: "This has helped to support the island community, and its economy, through the downturn."

A new Migration Policy and Island Plan are due to be debated by the States later this year, which the chief minister said will "provide robust mechanisms for controlling population growth and protecting our environment."

And a scheme to fund long term care has been developed and is also due for debate by the States later this year.

The Senator said: "While there is work left to do, I am proud to have achieved what we have in the last two years, especially in the face of a worldwide recession which saw the sharpest fall in global economic growth for 60 years."

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