Jersey transport minister wants simple speed limits

Speed limits
Image caption Jersey's transport minister wants to see just three speed limits across the island

Jersey's transport minister said the island's speed limits need to be kept simple with just three limits across the island of 20, 30 and 40mph.

Constable Mike Jackson was responding to a request to introduce a new 25mph limit on the Inner Road.

Deputy Mike Higgins, the politician proposing the change, believes it would make the road safer.

Constable Jackson said that a review into speed limits found that it should be as easy for drivers as possible.

He said: "I'm loathed to introduce yet another speed, the whole concept the review group came up with was to keep something simple so the whole public could understand it.

"I think a point that Senator Le Marquand made to me with his experience as a magistrate is that we have to get through to people what the speed limit is."

The minister did admit that more signs were needed to make the limits clearer.

He said: "What you will find is a large sign at the start of a speed limit and a white sign with a black line through it at the end.

"In between that we have repeater signs but they are not obvious, I've noticed that in other areas.

"That is an area that needs attention and I think we will give it attention."

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