Former Jersey Bailiff criticises dual role report

Sir Philip Bailhache
Image caption Sir Philip says the role of the Bailiff would be a good question for a referendum

Jersey's former Bailiff said it could be difficult for the Bailiff to remain the island's "chief citizen" if he is removed from the States.

A panel led by Lord Carswell released an independent report into the Bailiff's dual role.

Sir Philip Bailhache says he has concerns the Bailiff may not have the same importance to the island if the position is divided.

The Bailiff is head of the States of Jersey and of the Royal Court.

The report says there may be a risk, or perceived risk, that the Bailiff may not be impartial in being involved in law-making and then administering justice in the courts.

The panel interviewed a number of islanders for their views on the Bailiff's role.

Sir Philip said: "I don't agree with the conclusion that the Bailiff should not be the president of the States.

"But I accept that is a matter upon which different people will have different views.

"The dual role is unusual and may look unusual to outsiders looking in but that is the system we have had for a very long time."

Sir Philip told BBC Jersey the role of the Bailiff would be a good question to put to the people of Jersey in a referendum.

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