New contribution proposed for Jersey's social care

Image caption, The cost of elderly care is expected to double to £110m per year by 2026

A new social security contribution could help pay for future adult care in Jersey, a senior politician has said.

Social Security Minister Ian Gorst has released a White Paper on solutions for funding long-term care in the island.

He said with people living longer, about one in four would require care at some point and added that everyone should contribute more.

"We all share in the cost of the future long-term care that any one of us might need," he told BBC News.

Currently the States only funds care on a means-tested basis for those who need to go into a residential or nursing home, but there is no financial help for older people who wish to remain at home.

Mr Gorst would like to see people contributing to a social security fund throughout their working lives, which would then provide the majority of the cost of care for the elderly.

The cost of caring for elderly people is also expected to double to £110m per year by 2026.

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