Jersey minister calls for simpler planning process

Image caption, Senator Cohen wants the planning process to be made simpler

Homeowners in Jersey may not need planning permission for certain changes to their properties in the future.

The planning minister said he wants to leave it up to the home or business owner to improve, renovate and extend their buildings.

He wants to reduce government interference in a bid to make the planning process quicker and simpler.

Jersey's planning department deal with about 2,500 applications a year which is the same number as Southampton.

Senator Freddie Cohen said that is the same number of applications as Southampton which has a population three times the size of Jersey.

He said there is too much paper shuffling going on in the department.

Senator Cohen said: "Large schemes, sensitive area schemes and listed buildings will remain under the firm control of the planning department.

"But I question, do you really need to seek consent for a garage extension, shop sign or a dormer window?

"Is this not an area where it is best that government keeps out and we hand back the power to alter buildings to home owners and business owners."

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