Jersey police in attempt to identify mystery dead man

image captionThe man was found on the beach at Havre des Pas on 21 February 2008

States of Jersey police have launched an international appeal to establish the identity of a man whose body washed ashore nearly three years ago.

A passer-by found the body on the beach at Havre des Pas in February 2008 but the man's identity remains a mystery.

Police in Jersey have been using technology alongside more traditional methods in their investigations.

Det Insp Chris Beechey said the investigation to find the identity of the man had been detailed and slow.

The police said they were now casting their net wider in the search for information.

Experts from the University of Dundee have created an electronic version of what the man may have looked like, using a CT scan of his head and neck.

This produced a series of stills and an animated sequence of what it is believed he would have looked like when alive.

Det Insp Beechey, head of CID at the States of Jersey Police, said: "(There has been a) huge amount of work from facial reconstruction to DNA work to Isotope work on his skin, his teeth."

He said they had to liaise with other local bodies, with international missing persons offices and with Interpol.

But he said: "Unfortunately all of these enquiries, which are detailed and take time, have drawn a blank.

"We are very keen to get this man's body back to his family if he has a family, and to his homeland, to ensure that he is finally laid to rest.

"We know from extensive work that he does not appear to have any local connection, apart from that he was found in Jersey."

Det Insp Beechey said the man appeared to have had a healthy diet for most of his life.

He said: "He probably grew up in a hot and arid part of the world, most likely around the horn of Africa, Middle East or, potentially, Asian sub-continent.

"He lived a reasonable well-balanced life in terms of his diet, however, in the last six to eight months that seems to have changed dramatically.

"His diet over that period is not as wholesome as it had been in the past."

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