Jersey's new incinerator will be fired up in 2011

Image caption, The new incinerator should be fired up in early 2011

Jersey's new incinerator will be fired up in early 2011.

John Rogers, chief officer of transport and technical services, said they are in the last stage of getting the burner up and running but it is taking time.

He said: "There's lots of commissioning to go, there are thousands of systems here that need testing and verifying before we start up."

It is also hoped trees will be planted to screen the building from the Havre des Pas area.

Mr Rogers said they will be working hard to get it ready for the new year.

He said: "We're looking at... hopefully waste coming in for the new year."

Efforts are being made to screen the large grey building from the Havre Des Pas area at a cost of £300,000 but the trees will not be planted until early 2011 when the conditions are right.

He said: "We've got to plant the trees at the right time, that is the reason we haven't done it instantly. I'd like to have had 30ft trees in there now.

"The issue we had, and there was a lot of dialogue about the choice of trees, is what would survive in a marine environment.

"The weather here, as you know from today, can be very arduous. It is about getting the right mix of ones that can grow and thrive here."

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